All Systems Fail Sarah Morris
Werk »Department of Water and Power [Los Angeles]«

Sarah Morris. All Systems Fail

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is dedicating a comprehensive retrospective to the internationally renowned artist Sarah Morris (b. 1967, Sevenoaks, England), featuring works from all of her creative phases—including paintings, drawings, film posters, video pieces, and sculptures.

Since the 1990s, Morris has combined themes of architecture, politics, economics, and design in her diverse body of work. Her intensely colored geometric pictorial compositions capture the visual structures of modern building façades. This painterly translation of a cityscape’s visual codes blurs reality and abstraction, creating the impression of virtual architecture. Her video pieces, which are conceptually linked to the paintings, are similarly a reflection on the dynamic changes in the metropolises of this world.

The exhibition is organized by the Deichtorhallen Hamburg in collaboration with the Kunstmuseen Krefeld, the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.


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