AI and a future community Shift
Foto des Werkes Social Sim von Hito Steyerl aus dem Jahr 2020

SHIFT. AI and a future community

Artificial intelligence has long since arrived at the center of society. It is having an increasing influence—both visible and invisible—on political, economic and social processes. AI imitates the functionality of the human brain and nervous system by recognizing, organizing and independently reproducing information from input data. It is based on algorithms. Associated with AI are both expectations and challenges for a new form of coexistence. The term “SHIFT” emphasizes the exhibition’s hypothesis that digital technology is permanently changing the idea of a community in which humans, nature and technology form a cooperative relationship.

Artists are closely observing these developments. By visualizing the immaterial technology, they make the complex subject easier to understand. The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart will show nine artistic positions that deal both critically and constructively with AI and its possibilities. The focus lies on topics such as real and artificial corporeality, surveillance and social power relations, language technology, immortality and NFTs. Within their works, the artists also address the ethical debate that always accompanies the definition, use, benefits and limits of AI technology.

Alongside the exhibition, an exploration space on central aspects of AI is being developed in close collaboration with the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science and the Cyber-Valley in Tübingen. In addition, there will be a diverse educational program for different ages and audiences.


Louisa Clement, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Christoph Faulhaber, kennedy+swan, knowbotiq, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Philippe Parreno, Hito Steyerl and Jenna Sutela


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