Part 1 Rudolf and Barbara Fakler Collection
Exhibition view Rudolf and Barbara Fakler Collection

Rudolf and Barbara Fakler Collection. Part 1

The Rudolf and Barbara Fakler collection reflects the commitment and dedication of a collector in an exceptional way. Rudolf Fakler began collecting art in the early 1960s, with a particular interest in the artist of the "New Figuaration," who had gathered around HAP Grieshaber and Herbert Kitzel in Karlsruhe. Over the years, the Fakler collection grew in close contact with the befriended artists. The collection features key works of the Karlsruher Schule and Dieter Roth. Part one of the exhibition on the Fakler Collection was dedicated to works on paper.

Curator Sabine Gruber
Sponsored by Südwestbank AG


Hans Baschang, Alfonso Hüppi, Herbert Kitzel, Dieter Krieg, Josua Reichert, Dieter Roth, Heinz Schanz, Walter Stöhrer