Frischzelle_09 Luka Fineisen
Work by Luka Fineisen

Frischzelle_09: Luka Fineisen

A glacier tongue extends through the empty exhibition rooms. A sculpture made of transparent foil spreads out over the ceiling and floor of the parking deck. Suddenly a huge safe containing enormous gold bars opens in front of us—or are they only bales of straw in a freight elevator? The ninth artist in the exhibition series “Frischzelle,” Luka Fineisen (b. 1974 in Offenburg), invited visitors into a world of surprising natural phenomena, which strangely irritate and fascinate the viewer at the same time. The artist was awarded the Max-Pechstein-Förderpreis for her conceptual art in 2007. The sculptor created works especially for the exhibition rooms at the Kunstmuseum.

Curator Isabel Skokan
Sponsored by KPMG