Frischzelle_10 Stefan Burger
Exhibition view Frischzelle 10 Stefan Burger

Frischzelle_10: Stefan Burger

The photographic works of Stefan Burger (b. 1977 in Müllheim) are characterized by subtle irony and subversive wit. Based on photography, which he dealt with intensively during his four-year studies at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Zurich, the Baden-born artist develops his sculptural works, installations and actions. The artist challenges the possibilities of the medium of photography, which is designed for illusion, and at the same time examines the relationship between artist, work and audience. With a “wall mural” several meters high, which Burger designed especially for the exhibition space, the Kunstmuseum presented a photographic position for the first time in the “Frischzelle” series.

Curator Ruth Diehl
Sponsored by KPMG