Nasan Tur Frischzelle_11
Work by Nasan Tur

Frischzelle_11: Nasan Tur

Whether Istanbul, Belgrade, or Stuttgart—it is places and their inhabitants that become the starting point for Tur’s interventions. For the eleventh “Frischzelle” in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart Nasan Tur (b. 1974 in Offenbach) collected over four hundred graffiti slogans found on house entrances and walls of the city to subsequently present them in the museum as an abstract wall picture that could no longer be deciphered. The German artist with Turkish background gives a voice to those who have none in official media discourse and, with subversive actions, causes irritation in public spaces: gold sculptures distributed in downtown Stuttgart, for example, waited to be taken home and a vending machine in the Kunstmuseum provided the basic equipment necessary for a successful demonstration.

Curator Annika Plank
Sponsored by KPMG