Frischzelle_28 Hannah Zenger
Werk von Hannah Zenger

Frischzelle_28: Hannah Zenger

With her sculptural works, spatial installations, and conceptual explorations, Stuttgart-based sculptor Hannah Zenger operates at the intersection of free art and science. The source material for her works shown at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart are earth and rock samples she has collected from all over the world. On the basis of laboratory experiments, she creates works of art that reveal the nature and diversity of the natural material. Zenger's scientific-poetic preoccupation with the elemental aspects of nature is understood as a contribution to the social debate on environmental protection and nature conservation.

After studying architecture, Hannah Zenger (*1988 in Böblingen) graduated in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart in 2019. “Frischzelle_28“ is her first solo museum exhibition.

Curator Arne Schmidt
Sponsored by KPMG