Frischzelle_30 Simone Eisele
Photo of the artwork shrek forever after by Simone Eisele

Frischzelle_30: Simone Eisele


In her artistic practice of appropriation, Simone Eisele uses the symbolism of historical phenomena, customs and rituals. Overshadowed by their advancing commercialization, the origins of traditional celebrations such as Valentine's Day or Halloween are no longer common knowledge. However, they are based on visual codes that have been handed down for many centuries. Eisele isolates them and transfers them to her objects made out of textiles, wood and rigid foam. In combination with elements referencing pop culture, her peculiar images merge motifs of horror and romance, humor and kitsch, reality and fiction.

Simone Eisele (b. 1994, Metzingen) studied at Kunsthochschule Mainz and at Royal College of Art in London. The exhibition “Frischzelle_30” represents the first solo show of the artist in an institutional context.

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