Frischzelle_31 Suah Im
Videostill aus Suah Im, Station, 2019

Frischzelle_31: Suah Im

In her works, Suah Im explores the complexity of human identity, cultural symbols and ascriptions of gender. She combines a variety of materials to create expansive installations - be it resin-hardened, partly inscribed fabric, stretched tights and black synthetic hair or household objects, videos, moving elements and watercolour drawings. The artist employs their contrasting qualities such as firmness and resilience, lustre and dullness or the interplay of stretched and loosened elements to visualize human experiences. They represent strength and weakness, apathy and productivity of the individual within society.

Suah Im (*1988 in Bucheon, South Korea) studied Installation at Kunstakademie Stuttgart and and Experimental Film and Media Art at Universität der Künste. The exhibition “Frischzelle_31” represents the first solo show of the artist in an institutional context.


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