“I do if I donʼt” Tobias Rehberger
Installation view Tobias Rehberger

Tobias Rehberger “I do if I donʼt”

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is presenting the largest and most comprehensive exhibition devoted to the work of Tobias Rehberger (b. 1966) in the Stuttgart region to date. For his sculptures, wall pictures, and installations, the artist, a native of Esslingen now active worldwide, makes use of various concepts and ideas from architecture, design or even music. Rehberger sets everyday objects and spatial structures into unexpected combinations, thus giving them a new interpretation.

The exhibition features the artist’s central work groups from the last three decades. These include his multiform light installations, the so-called Window Pictures, and Vases Portraits as well as a series of sculptures that play with the effects of light and shadow. Installations created especially for the show offer viewers a variety of opportunities for participation. These works are supplemented by current productions. Among them is a controllable installation of lighting elements on the building’s façade that becomes a colorful entrance to the museum. The control to it is located in front of the museum entrance, inviting passersby to interact with Rehberger’s work.

The artist has designed the 3rd upper floor of the cube with 3D-printed sculptures as a place for conversing and lingering. Tobias Rehberger has also created a ceramic edition consisting of plate, bowl and mug expressly for the exhibition. The unique pieces were produced using a 3D printing process and then individually finished by him.


for the fast lane to art.

Ceramic Edition

Dirty Dishes (Print I-III)

Tobias Rehberger has designed the edition "Dirty Dishes (Print I-III)" for the exhibition. This consists of a plate, a bowl and a mug and is limited to 222 pieces each. For the edition, the three objects were shaped by hand, scanned and then produced using the 3D printing process. Each piece has been individually coloured and glazed.

On the 3rd floor of the exhibition, plates, bowls and mugs are sold with a dish or drink that can be consumed on site (while stocks last).

According to the artist's recipes will be served:

  •     Montana Gold (non-alcoholic cocktail) in a mug
  •     Han Oak Galbijjim (Korean goulash) on a plate
  •     Kimchi Udon (vegetarian) in a bowl

Rehberger wants to show that art can and may also be (used), and in this case even should be. Whether plates or bowls are cleaned after the meal or the owner decides to let the food remains dry as part of the work is up to each person.

Sale incl. consumption

  •     Fridays, 6-8 pm
  •     Saturdays, 12 noon-2 pm
  •     every 1st Wednesday of the month, 12noon-2 pm

The edition is numbered and signed. It can be purchased individually or as a set from 26.03.2022:
Mug 202 € / Bowl 277 € / Plate 322 € / Set price 777 €

A time slot ticket is necessary, which you can book here.


The light installation on the façade of the museum consists of two works by Tobias Rehberger: "Free Coffee Free Parking Freedom", created in 2018 for the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai, and "Paysage vu à travers un point d'observation", designed in 2016 for the 15th edition of the art city walk "Nuit Blanche" in Paris. Parts of the two works have been combined by the artist to form a completely new ensemble.

How do you control the light installation on the façade?

Interact with the light installation on the museum façade by connecting your mobile device via Bluetooth to the orange console on Königstraße and playing your favourite music. The artwork will then react to the rhythm of the music.

  1. Press the button on the console for 1 second.
  2. Button flashes for about 60 seconds and is ready for Bluetooth connection.
  3. Connect your mobile device to the "Play Freedom" device via "Settings" and "Bluetooth". If the connection is successful, the button lights up continuously.
  4.  Select and play a piece of music on your mobile device, set the volume to full.

After 10 minutes, the Bluetooth connection is disconnected. If no mobile device is connected, the button does not light up.
Light installation is in use 1 hour before sunset until 11 pm.


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