Collector Series The Walter Stöhrer Foundation
Work by Walter Stöhrer

Collector Series: The Walter Stöhrer Foundation

Beginning in the 1960s, Walter Stöhrer (1937–2000) influenced the history of German painting. His powerful, dynamic paintings are predominantly inspired by literature, which he introduced as fragments into the gestural painting process. Abstraction and figuration are balanced in the artist’s work. Stöhrer was not interested in illustrating narratives, but stimulated by the possibilities of painting. In his late work, figural elements are given more pictorial space, and a new engagement with surfaces appears. The exhibition was devoted to this phase and presented works from the Walter Stöhrer Foundation in Scholderup. The foundation preserves the estate of the artist and makes important loans available to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. In recognition of the foundation’s commendable engagement, it was honored in the new collector series in the Kunstmuseum.