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Before the Visit

Do guided tours and events take place at the moment?

Currently, guided tours and events are taking place. Please inform yourself about it in our calendar or in the area of program.

Is the museum accessible barrier free?

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is accessible to visitors with limited mobility. Manual and electric wheelchairs, walkers, and other medically prescribed walking aids suitable for indoor use may be used in our spaces. Upon request, the museum will provide a manual wheelchair free of charge for the duration of your visit.

Are children and teenagers allowed to go to the museum alone?

Children and young people under 13 years of age may only enter the building if accompanied by an adult. It is the adults' responsibility to keep the children under constant supervision. Adults accompanying children and young people are responsible for the appropriate behavior of any persons in their care. This also applies to visits by school classes and kindergarten groups.

May I visit the museum with a stroller?

Baby buggies and strollers (without any large bags on or in the buggy) may be used in our rooms. For safety reasons, such as when we have a high number of visitors, we reserve the right to regulate admittance with buggies and strollers. A room suitable for diaper changing, breastfeeding, and feeding infants (diaper-changing room, first-aid room) is available on the ground floor of the museum.

May I take my dog to the museum?

Dogs and other animals may not be brought into the building. Guide dogs and other medically necessary assistance animals are excluded.

Are there house rules?

At the Museum

Which payment methods are accepted at the museum ticket desk?

You can pay by cash or by debit or credit card. We accept every type of card payment.

What size handbag is allowed in the museum?

You may bring handbags up to ca. 20 x 30 cm (DIN A4) into the exhibition rooms. Please note, however, that no liquids whatsoever are allowed. Bags or backpacks larger than DIN A4, along with umbrellas and hiking poles as well as child carrier backpacks must be left at the checkroom. It is also not permissible to wear wet coats or jackets in the museum. For conservation and safety reasons, it is not permitted to carry clothing articles over your arm in the exhibition rooms.

More about this in our house rules.

Is there a checkroom or lockers?

Checkroom and lockers are available free of charge for use during museum hours. They are located on the ground floor, next to the Walther König bookstore. We assume no liability for the checkroom or lockers.

May I take photos or film in the museum?

In the building, the permanent collection, and the exhibitions, taking photographs and filming for private purposes is generally permitted, unless otherwise noted either in the wall text or next to the particular work. Please respect the privacy rights of other visitors. The use of artificial light (flash, lamps, etc.), tripods, selfie sticks, drones, or similar tools is not allowed. Visitors themselves are responsible for copyright compliance and protection. For further information, please contact VG Bild-Kunst.

Taking photographs and filming for professional, commercial, or scientific purposes as well as in connection with current reporting (press or blog) is only allowed with written permission from the Kunstmusem Stuttgart. You can get more info here.

How can I get involved with the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart?

Our circle of friends is happy to welcome new members. Become a member! Here you can find information on membership.

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