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FREUNDE des Kunstmuseums Stuttgart e.V.

Everyone needs friends—even an art museum

The FREUNDE des Kunstmuseums Stuttgart e.V. (Friends of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart) have been supporting the museum since 2003. The patrons' association was founded to establish the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and its art-historically important collection on a broad basis among the residents of the city and region. Our dedicated members are united by their joy in and enthusiastic involvement with art.


FREUNDE des Kunstmuseums Stuttgart e.V.
Kleiner Schlossplatz 13
70173 Stuttgart
kontakt [at] freunde-kunstmuseum-stuttgart [dot] de (kontakt[at]freunde-kunstmuseum-stuttgart[dot]de)

The association's activities focus on the nonmaterial and financial support of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. This includes providing assistance for exhibitions and events and in particular the expansion and maintenance of the museum's collection through the acquisition of artworks. In the course of the past few years, the association has thus purchased quite a number of works that otherwise would have been unattainable for the museum and made them available as permanent loans.

The association is interested in continually expanding the number of the "Freunde." Members enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Previews of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart's exhibitions
  • Special tours with Director Dr. Ulrike Groos, curators, artists, and collectors
  • Excursions to selected "art destinations" in Germany and abroad
  • Free admission to all exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and cooperating museums

We offer the following memberships:

  • Individual members € 400
  • Couples € 500
  • Companies € 2.500

For further information on memberships, please contact the office of the FREUNDE. The FREUNDE look forward to welcoming you as a member.

Here you can find the declaration of membership for download (PDF).

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Dr. Henrik Huydts (Chairman)
Fiona Klingele (Vice chairman)
Dr. Michaela Grub (Secretary)
Alec Rauschenbusch (Treasurer)
Rita Kaess
Karin Scharr
Dr. Axel Sigle