Table of contents

Mission Statement

Because Art Affects Us All

Art is Past, Present, and Future

We believe that encounters with art change our thinking. Art shapes our view of the world as well as ourselves and can thus also change relationships between people. People have always given shape to their ideas, emotions, and convictions in works of visual art. We give space to these notions in our museum of modern and contemporary art.

Our exhibitions invite contemplation and create impulses to rediscover our past and present in new and continually different ways, and to think further into the future. Our special exhibitions respond to current social developments and participate in public discourse.

A Museum on the Move

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is a lively place of exchange, open and transparent for all—a place that promotes creativity and aesthetic experience. We also to want to continue to make our museum tangible and experienceable for everyone in the future. The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is engaged in creating a cultural, social, interdisciplinary place for partnership and participation. The knowledge that we acquire through collecting, preserving, and researching art is something we share with our visitors—regardless of their education or social or ethnic background. We see our museum as a diverse, cosmopolitan platform for learning with and from each other. It offers encounters that can inspire and excite but also irritate and leave lingering questions.

Rooted in the City and Society

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is located in the heart of the city. Its firm anchoring in the region and in society has made it an important landmark in the state capital. All members of the public are welcome here. This is symbolized by the museum’s open architecture with its glass cube that’s visible from afar.

The content of our art collection is closely interwoven with the history of Stuttgart and the region. Furthermore, national as well as international positions can also be discovered and experienced directly here.

Accessible to All

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is aware of its responsibility as an educational institution. By developing experimental forms of presentation, we are constantly involving new target audiences. We are making greater use of digital opportunities to expand our presence and network and to break down inhibitions. We want to be a barrier-free place that makes art, culture, and education accessible to everyone.

Focused on People

Behind the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is a strong team. Our competence, passion, and enthusiasm are what make up the quality of our museum. We are a learning institution that is always evolving and facing future challenges. Appreciation and partnership are particularly important to us in our interactions with our visitors and among staff. We seek out and promote dialogue for constructive cooperation and teamwork. After all, that’s what our art demonstrates: further development is only possible when people express their skills and ideas and share them with others.