Cooperation exhibition at the StadtPalais Graffiti in the City
Installation view Graffiti in the City

Graffiti in the City

The exhibition "Graffiti in the City" at the StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart provides a comprehensive overview of the history of graffiti in Stuttgart over the past years and decades. The starting point for this exhibition is photographic and archive material documenting sites such as the "Gas Chamber" / Hall of Fame Schloßplatz and the entrance to the central station, as well as other historically significant walls throughout Stuttgart.

In addition to the visual appearance, graffiti is a socio-cultural phenomenon with its own mechanisms, rules, and intentions. The design of the wall surfaces is like an inscription in space and time, whereby the walls are understood as surfaces belonging to the public. Walls in outdoor spaces go far beyond the function of demarcation and protection. They decisively shape the cityscape, and it is precisely their surfaces that can serve as carrier media for messages such as graffiti.

Conception of the overall project / exhibition WÄNDE I WALLS
Anne Vieth (Kunstmuseum Stuttgart)
Concept and design of "Graffiti in the City"
Elisabeth Kuon (Kunstmuseum Stuttgart), Studio Vierkant
Project lead "Graffiti in the City" Andrea Beck (StadtPalais Museum für Stuttgart), Silvia Rückert (StadtPalais Museum für Stuttgart)
Sponsored by Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Brillux
In cooperation with StadtPalais Museum für Stuttgart